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While I admit it was handled badly, isn't everyone forgetting that whole Zekrom issue from the first couple of episodes?

Zekrom majorly messed Pikachu up, and despite Juniper later saying that Pikachu was essentially fine, I do believe the Zekrom attack had some lasting damage and essentially shorted out Pikachu's abilities.

For a good while Pikachu couldn't control his electric moves. Given that it's an electric type, that means that without Ash realising it, Pikachu's been damaged on a fundamental level beyond the usual battle stats and HP.

While Pikachu has been healing over the course of the series, I don't think that he's as strong as he had been in the past.

Ash has been using other Pokemon for battles, to train them up, and he's purposely NOT picked Pikachu for battles, leaving Pikachu on the sidelines. Given that Ash has a deep connection with his Pikachu, it's of my opinion that Ash kinda knows that something isn't exactly right, and that he's trying to let Pikachu get some rest. Other Pokemon go into their Pokeballs for "a good long rest", but since Pikachu's always out braving the elements, maybe it's taking him a longer time to headl?

In any case it's usually been Pikachu lately that has volunteered himself for battle while Ash has been undecided on which party member to use.

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