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I'd believe it. It's a giant frozen legendary dragon, known as the boundary pokemon. That makes me think that either it knows no boundaries or we (the lacunosians) are within it's "boundary" and are fair sport for eating/hunting. It lurks in a creepy chasm, and its lair is hidden. Sounds like a monster to me. Anyway, I would lock my doors if I had stayed there for some reason (because believe me, I would have escaped to Accumula City or Nacrene City if I could) I do think we should have learned more, as Kyurem is just kind of there. With other legendary trio "leaders" we learned a bit more. Like even knowing that Giratina was punished and thrown into the distortion world is more than we got to know about Kyurem. I would've liked to know more about its history and what it's purpose/involvement in/with the Unova region was.

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