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Originally Posted by Blue Emerald View Post
I don't know if you've found this bug yet, but I haven't seen it mentioned here; figured I'd post it just in case. I noticed that the music in Highland Town resets when you enter and exit the Poké Mart.

Also, I gotta say the Highland Town gym has been pretty fun so far. XD Won't spoil how, though!
Actually, there are many bugs in the hack which I haven't reported (this one being one of them). Reason for this is that I don't think reporting them is needed because none of them are game breaking or even harm you in any way. Makes the hack just sound unprofessional being buggy because I've seen others report bugs in their hacks which actually do much more than mine.

Here are pretty much all the bugs of Beta 3.

-Flying palette (may require ASM)
-That mart music thing (ASM work, haven't found/planned a way to fix it)
-Elemental Orb menu graphics (not really a bug but a minor oddity, should be fixable later)
-Two disappearing scenes (both easily fixable)
-Jin's sprite changes when you're sent out (possibly impossible to fix relating to how his room's map is loaded)
-De-Stone is described as Berry when a pokemon is holding it (ASM work, no idea what to do with this either, I've been searching for a possible routine that's causing it with no results)
-Warp sound (Little girl in The Capital entering her house, fixable)
-Ledge sound (Area 100 during an optional trigger event before visiting Oak, fixable)
There are a couple of more to come for Beta 4 while fixable things of these will also be worked with.

Originally Posted by machomuu View Post
I agree about the unique attacks, I like the idea. It adds surprise and challenge into the game, and it also adds personality to the game and really to pokemon in general, so I hope you choose to continue supporting the idea.
Not going to leave it out then
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