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Quote originally posted by Nate VonGrimm:

It depends on what you're doing.
If you just want to give yourself a Pokemon, you just enter the gameshark code, find the Pokemon in the wild, and catch it. Done.
And seeing as George Rush was asking about it for Pokemon Black, I believe that's the only option as scripting can't be done for the game yet (As far as I know about it).
Well... if it's Black then it's throughout Action Replay, not Gameshark

Quote originally posted by CrystalDawn:
Hey guys, my problem isn't major.....but I made the mistake of going underground in pokemon pearl using the desmume v.1.9.8 and.....sprung a firetrap. How exactly can I remove this annoying problem? Thanks in advice n.n
Ouch... it's done by air in micro in a real game but I believe it cannot be done on emulator :/
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