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I finally built up the courage to sign up.Please tell me if anything is wrong.

Name:Antonio gregory.




Jobtatus problems , and healing.


Personality:Antonio usually doesn't talk too much , but is really calm when he does.Antonio is really smart , but can't multi task , and finds it hard to focus on 3 things at the same time.When he does something he wants to think it through fully , but that usually takes time.He is easily persuaded , but doesn't fall for a trick twice.He usually makes strategies up before battles.

History:Antonio was born in Castelia city , and lived near the gym.He enjoyed going inside to see how all the Trainers faught.One thing that really caught his eye were the status problems they caused.He was really interested that pokemon can paralyze , freeze , or even confuse other pokemon.When he was 10 he was finally able to get his own pokemon , but sadly his parents couldn't get him one.One day on his way to the gym he saw a trainer throwing a pokeball on a pokemon.That pokemon was an oddish.The trainer left the pokemon , and pokeball there saying "If your week I don't need you.".When he first went to the oddish it avoided him , and missed its trainer.He showed it to the gym leader Burgh , and Burgh told him that it would be a perfect starter for him.At first Oddish really didn't listen to anything , but with training she evolved into a vileploom at lvl 21.Vileploom started to listen to him more , and he noticed that most of her moves cause status alements.After she reached LVL 42 Antonio gave it a sun stone evolving it into bellosom.Antonio then grew up with Bellosom , and wanted to become a teacher.

Personality:Bellossom is the type to obey orders , but likes to have fun too.
Lvl(Max 50):42
Moveset(Maximum of 6. TMs and egg moves are allowed)tun spore , sleep spore , acid , and solar beam.
Currently researching: Dittos origin.