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I've decided that I will be entering the Youtube Challenge. To view my videos, go to
I actually have a question about the challenge though. In the readme file for the challenge, where it lists the major battles (i.e. Striaton Gym - Cilan, Chili, or Cress # of Pokemon: 4 Levels: 13-16) does it mean how many Pokemon the player must have in their team and what level, or is that referring to how many Pokemon and what levels the major Trainers are?

EDIT: Never mind, I found out by saving beforehand so I could check on how many Pokemon Cress uses in-battle.

Quote originally posted by Gondriano:
does anybody know how to get regice when kyurem is already caught? because the Info Guide says that regice appears in kyurems Cave but it is impossible to get there again...
That's why you search for Regice before you battle Kyurem.

EDIT: All parts of my battle for the Trio Badge have finally been uploaded. Go to my channel to watch them.
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