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Originally Posted by miksy91 View Post
Could you possibly PM me about egg moves if it's diffcult to explain in the thread? You see, I've never done breeding in the original games so I've no idea how it works although I've seen some information about in it Bulbapedia. For instance Tentacool:

You'll get a Tentacool with Aurora Beam when breeding female Tentacool/Tentacruel with Shellder/Cloyster which knows Aurora Beam, right? Wouldn't you be able to do the same with any other male pokemon that knows Aurora Beam too or is that just one possible example in there?
What I'm trying to get with this is that, could you possibly breed female Tentacool with male Raichu which knows Thunder to get a Tentacool which knows Thunder if I hacked Thunder as Tentacool's egg move learning data so that it could learn it along with the other possible moves in 2nd gen?
You definitely know the source (direct link to that part of the page).

To answer your question, on Aurora Beam, no. The Pokémon has to both be a compatible breeding partner and has to know the move. However, looking at the Aurora Beam list, I would wonder whether Sealeo could breed into a Tentacool; I believe the water groups can breed with each other, no? This is more a matter of experimentation; even Bulbapedia may not have everything and could contain errors, so it's not a definitive source (nothing is). The only way to know if a certain Pokémon can breed Aurora Beam into another is by taking the pair to the daycare and trying, but they may very well not breed at all as well.

One convention Bulbapedia has is that a star is placed next to certain Egg moves. Such moves must be chain bred for this very reason mentioned above. For instance, this example shows ancestors of Togetic and Pikachu breeding Togetic's "Wish" into a newborn Pichu (later Pikachu as well), and that Pikachu knowing Wish can breed with Espeon to give an Eevee the move "Wish" as well. I happen to have such an Eevee (it just became an Espeon in fact, so I will be breeding more Eevee to get the "Eeveelutions" soon) and am being careful never to eliminate that move from it. Muddy Water is a chain breeding move in the case of the Tentacruel; it must be bred on an Omastar, then it can breed with Tentacruel to teach a baby the move.

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