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Quote originally posted by CycloneGU:
Incorrect, completely. You can find Vanillite in Cold Storage. The area is missing in B2/W2, but this forum is B/W, and it still exists here. :D

Additionally, if it's winter, you'll have a 15% chance of finding Vanillite around Route 6. They are missing in other seasons. The reason they appear in Cold Storage year-round is because it's so darn cold there.


I was wrong. But I've never met a Vanillite near the Cold Storage.

Plus, on my first approach, I didn't considerate Vanillite as a real ice pokemon. I thought he's bad (in front of cryogonal...). But since I read your post, I caught a Vanillite on road 6 and I'm happy to have him in my team (he's not too bad).

Thanks for your advice I'll win easily against Iris now.

Clay is not really hard. A good water pokemon or ground. And his badge is our. I did it with my Foongus level 31. (I have also used Darmanitan to achieve his excadrill but just because my Darmanitan held the rune coin to double my money).

I'm not English. Don't hesitate to correct me. This is the way I can progress.
Black team :
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