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Quote originally posted by Thunder_Chad:
Well, I think I should stick to my roots as an art critic. I'll go with abegnation!

I've contacted Abnegation but he hasn't given a reply yet, so just hang tight for a bit until he gives an answer. n_n If he ends up being too busy, I'll let you know!

Quote originally posted by danaxe:
1) What time zone do you reside in? Greenwitch meantime
2) What board(s) of PC do you frequent? pixel projects
3) How long have you been posting there? july 2012
4) Have you contributed to said board(s) in some way? If so, how? made a shop there
5) Why do you want to be a Mentor? to move up a bit in pokecommunity and make some new freinds.
please let me join as a mentor
Please PM the mentor form to me directly instead of posting it here, that way it's easier to keep everything organized!
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