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*facepalm* this is taking ages! Let's finish thi battle! Soz for taking so long.

Chaos stared, amazed. Her Bulbsaur had been beaten! She returned it to it's pokeball, glaring at the metal capsule, then glanced at the battlefield again.
"Pidge, don't fail me, be a brave bird!" shouted Chaos at her Pidgey, which responded by turning red and heading straight towards Idoran.
"Pidge learned Brave Bird" piped up Chaos' annoying pokedex. The attack hit Nidoran, who responded with a burst of poison stings, forcing Pidge to the floor. Chaos screamed,
"Pidge, use roost, NOW!" which surprised the bird pokemon, making it heal. Pidge summoned up a gust towards Nidoan, which the pokmon avoided, hitting Pidge hard with a kick. Pidge fell wounded to the floor, still squirming. The little bid summoned the last of it's power, using brave bird on Nidoran, hitting it backwards. Chaos covered her eyes hoping for the best, while Domonic crossed his finegers. There was a lod crash, as Pidge collapsed to the floor, and Nidoran smashed into a window! Nidoran quickly moved, and was returned by Domonic.

Enraged that she had lost, Chaos returned Pidge, fumbling around for her other pokeball, containing Odd, the Oddish. She sent out the strange grass pokemon, and the pokedex piped up.
"Odd learned Poisonpowder and Sleep Powder." Chaos smirked, this would be easy. She hit an old lady with a shopping bag of potions round the head, stealing a potion, and sprayed it onto Pidge's pokeball. Domonic was praising himself for winning, so didn't notice. Chaos sent out Pidge, who whipped up a gust. Odd used sleeppowder, which was blown everywhere, sending everyoe apart from Chaos to sleep. As the bus skidded along the road. Chaos returned her pokemon, and leaped out of the window. She ran and ran, across many routes and cities, eventually collapsin in a heap. Suddenly, the Abrafrom earlier (seemingly) appeared, grabbng her, teleporting to Pallet Town. Chaos let out a small smile, then sent out her Ddish,immediatly telling it t use sleep poweder on Abra. But, the Abra had already teleported away. Chaos saw the SS Libra sailing away, soshe grabbed Idge's hand, attempting to fly to it. Unfortuantely the little bird pokemon was too small, so Chaos had to swim. Chaos couldn't swim. Eventualy, Chas gave up, and went to Prof. Oak, who rung the Captain of the SS. Libra, getting it to turn aroun, it went something like ths.
"Do it."
"OK, then, just no..... more ... hitting...."
The ship finally arrived, so Chaos gave the Prof a parting hump, and jumpedaborard.

Finished Chapter 2, I'll do 3 in the morning.
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