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Lauren Linda Noir
Mercury City

Lauren was suddenly caught in the arms of the boy who she was about to run into. She was mad because of that, and was about to scream when he started talking in a smooth voice that irritated her. She pulled back from him, and rolled her eyes when he called her little lady. As the boy continued to speak, introduce his Pokémon to her, and ramble about something, she looked more and more annoyed, and as if she was a bomb ready to blow up. However, she did not say a word.

"My name's Trent Rift, but people call me Drift. Who are you?" the boy asked.

"...Lauren Noir." she said, her voice tone clearly expressing annoyance.

Speaking made a hole in the wall that contained Lauren's anger. And slowly but surely she could feel some of it starting to come out, and if it didn't get covered soon, the whole wall could come down, and something bad could happen.

"Now, I got places to be, so, like," she said, "get outta my way!"

Wow, that was uncalled for. She sighed and rolled herr eyes, and proceeded to walk away from the boy towards the door, now being able to see what was around her. But, suddenly, she stopped and turned around to look at the boy.

"And, next time we meet, do NOT" she added, "call me 'little lady'. Got it?"

...Wow. This girl's got issues.
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