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Some of them I really can attribute to Ash since I feel the writers to and cast an ignorant nature upon him every now and then. In Kanto though I felt one of his biggest mistakes was choosing to use Charizard against Ritchie when Ash did not have grasp of Charizard as Iris has the same situation with Dragonite. I get releasing pokemon is fine, but not going back for one after you promised is just plain dumb to me. Hey Pidgeot could you kind of help against Harrisons Blaziken? Giving Primeape away to Anthony to train I thought was a big mistake as well, I mean just when they get chemistry he lets Primeape go? No I am sorry but that was a dumb move imo.

And I do believe he learns from his mistakes overall, as he adjusts after loses from Paul even if he kept the same team he still made the adjustments so the same thing didn't happen from their previous match.

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