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This is a chain story. Khawill asked me if he could make one of these, and since I was planning to make one some day I gave him the go-ahead to do it himself. In a chain story, one person writes a part of the story, stops, and then the next random person to come along continues the story the way they want to up to a certain point, and then so on. A lot of people could work on this one story, making it completely insane because no one knows what the other is thinking.

It's like roleplay in a sense. The story gets set up, and everyone who wants to gets to play in it.

So that's why Khawill was asking those questions, as a way to give the next person to continue the story some ideas as to what they could write about.

It's different than what we've had here recently, but we've had chain threads like this before. They've been rather fun.

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