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Originally Posted by silvanarrow View Post
Oh wow, thank you! I've been in desperate need of some RNG breeding, actually.

Please let me if you can't do either of these requests, and I'll be happy to edit.

Pokemon: Nidoran male (Nickname: Sledge)
Nature: Timid
IVs: Flawless would be lovely, but don't really care about Attack
Shiny: Yes please
Ability: Hustle
Moves: N/A

Pokemon: Riolu (Nickname: Tsume)
Nature: Adamant
IVs: Flawless, but Special Attack is not a priority
Shiny: No thanks
Ability: Inner Focus
Moves: Ice Punch
Sure thing , I'll post here when ready

~ Jay

Originally Posted by [email protected] View Post
i could give you both uxie and azelf if you didn't already get em.

My friend code is 4255 9751 0655

I am using pokemon black and white 1

if there is anyone else you want just ask me and i will see if i have em.
Hm , sorry mate I don't think it's a fair trade though do you have anything else to offer maybe?

~ Jay

Originally Posted by Fafiq View Post
Ok, it's me once again I'd like to request a one more poke


Nature: Modest
Ability: Rain Dish
IV: HP, Def, SpA,SpD,Spe 31, Attack don't really care
Shiny: No

Known moves: Leech Seed, Giga Drain

I can provide you with a female if you dont have one and a cottonee who knows the moves.

Offering: DW F Ghastly or Butterfree

Interested and is it at all possible?
All done Is the IVs correct?

Nature: Modest
Ability: Rain Dish
IVs: 31/12/31/31/31/31
Moves: Giga Drain , Leech Seed , Energy Ball , Protect

Is the DW female gastly okay?

Leme know when you can trade

~ Jay
Added "Shiny Legends" section in "Offers"

~ Jay

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