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i remember i saw a video on youtube about this once, they were using an old iphone camera to proof that it is indeed possible to shot great photos without a professional camera, they used a very interesting lightning technique and put the iphone on a tripod, the final results were astonishing

however, even though it is possible to take good quality photos with regular cameras, it is still advisable to invest on a professional camera if you want to remove a lot of the limits of regular cameras, also higher resolution makes it easier to edit the photo, so its not like professional cameras are useless, its just they are not required to take good photos, in my humble opinion, a good composition is much more important than the camera.

the thing is, as an amateur u might want to start working on some composition, lightning and editing skills before u feel the need of investing on a good camera, i used a point&shoot camera for like 2 years before i decided to invest on a pro camera, i ended up getting the Canon 60D and to be honest if i could go to the past, i wouldn't wait 2 years to get it :D.
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