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Originally Posted by kkj1116 View Post
I'm really digging the box art and titlescreen visuals.
I'm not sure if I've missed this but will there be Pokemon from newer generations?

I don't have any real suggestion with the game itself as I'm no FireRed hacker and I haven't had my share of Fire Red hacks. (I think I will wait 'til Beta 2 to play this as I don't like to be left hanging) My opinion is about your post presentation. I think you should try adding spoiler tags, bolded and resized text, and some indentation/center alignment to make your storyline, characters, credits, and graphics more organized.

Oh and, I'm really loving the main character's sprite. So much blue and red on the rest of the characters, though; is this for a special reason?

No, I mostly just ran out of pallete colors lol. But thanks!


You mean that ridiculously difficult to get Summoning in FF7 that when you cast it, it takes so long to finish, you can literally go make a sandwich, come back, and they're still slaughtering your opponent? lol Then Yes.

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