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@ machomuu I must say, that's a very interesting battle :D

@ zapdos926 Wonder what will happen to Gracie and Flint...

@ -Sam What a wonderful response to ytfeL's post!

@ chaoticlapras Glad to see you're finally on board!

Hoothoot was caught!

@ Godzil Oh, how educational
Glad to see you decided to stay!

@ heretostay123 Great posts!
Beedrill can now learn Air Slash at any time!

Malik sent Pidgey over to Winona!
Winona sent over Swablu!
Take good care of Swablu!

Natural Cure

@ pat20cool Great posts, loved the waitress's response in the end!



Mathews Hearton
Mathews just kept walking. Nothing seemed to arise his interest, not even that ninja girl who appeared and played pranks on veryone else before disappearing...

As he kept wandering, he eventually reached a place known as the Trade Floor. His Pidove and Duskull were following him, so he decided to check if there were any interesting trades... Sadly, the only thing available at the time was a yellow rat...

Mathews left the floor, disappointed, and began wandering around the ship, until he spotted a rather interesting looking match with two girls against a guy with a Starly and a tail-less Shinx. Mathews sat in a chair nearby, might as well watch how those girls crush this guy...

Ginny Dustellar
Hector's Murkrow hit the floor with ease, leading to Ginny winning the match.

"You dumb Pokemon!" Hector yelled as he tossed Murkrow's Pokeball at Ginny, "Glad I won't be seeing that dumb bird again!"

Hector left while mumbling something Ginny couldn't understand. Jeez! She thought. Ginny took a Super Potion from her small bag, and sprayed it on Murkrow, the bird quickly regained all of its strenghts.

"Well..." Ginny said, "I guess you're now mine."

Murkrow scoffed in approval upon hearing Ginny's words. Ginny then sealed Murkrow inside of its Pokeball. She then send her Minccino out, who surrounded her neck, as always.

"Well Minccino," she said, "Where should we go now?"