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The following may not be suitable to all ages.
The following is suitable for ages 13 and over. Rated T.

Blazing Sun/Tranquil Moon

Please read the IC thread first, all the plot is there.

The nature of the world

This world of five parts.
Composed from eight sets of three.
Was made from just two.”
Shaiming Fang on the nature of the world.


The first thing you must know about this world is that it is born form opposites. From nothingness came the Yin and the Yang. Light and darkness. Day and night. Sun and Moon. Man and woman. Human and Pokemon. The Yin and the Yang compliment each other perfectly as they are perfect opposites. Together they represent unity. They compose eight triagrams which represent the fundamentals of the world. Each of the trigram has a guardian spirit which is a Pokemon of legendary strength. These eight triagrams are split between five elements. Earth is made from the trigram earth and mountain, metal from heaven and lake and wood from wind and lightning. Fire and water contain only the matching trigram. At this time Pokemon were split between these five elements, rather than the seventeen now known.

Each of the five elements is strong against two others, weak against two others and normal against it's self. These two weaknesses and resistances form two cycles around the diagram above. The two cycles are know as the greater cycle and the lesser cycle.
Greater Cycle
Fire >> Wood >> Water >> Metal >> Earth >> Fire
Lesser Cycle
Fire > Metal > Wood > Earth > Water > Fire
The greater cycle show which elements are very effective against each other while the lesser cycle show which are only slightly more effective. So for example fir is most effective against wood. Slightly less effective but still at an advantage against metal. Neither at an advantage nor disadvantage against it's self. Slightly disadvantaged against water and at a large disadvantage against earth.

The empires

Blazing Sun is a highly military nation, most men start training as soldiers or in either martial arts from a very young age. It is also a highly spiritual nation, those that don't join the army often become monks. Though it is rare female soldiers and martial-artists have been known. The people of the empire are known for their strong sense of honour, especially in family issues. Often they're considered a hot headed people.

Tranquil Moon is an enlightened nation, it has a vast number of scholars and alchemists. It's people shun anything to do with the military so martial arts are rarely practised. The nation on a whole is also not spiritual. The people have a much more lenient sense of honour in Tranquil Moon. They are known for being calm and collected and very often passive to the point of inaction.

Brilliant Star is an empire where honour comes first. The governed by Shoguns who report to the emperor himself. It has many schools of sword ship where the nobles train but also there are reports of underground schools teaching weapons to peasants. The people of Brilliant Star are aspiring for greatness in service of the emperor. They are warm hearted but should not be insulted for fear of offending their honour.

Unyielding Earth is a large collection of nomadic clans. Normally a peaceful people there are times when a ruler has united the clans as a warrior nation. Their mounted archers are the best and most numerous in the land. The people have no sense of honour but should not be trifled with. They are stubborn and like an angry Taruos once they get going they cannot be stopped. This goes for individually as well as for the empire.

Refined Heaven is a deeply spiritual nation, it is also very enlightened. Monks and scholars learn there where often martial arts are taught alongside meditation or calligraphy. They keep largely to themselves rarely straying from their monasteries and cities. They are honourable but prefer not to hurt people so are less volatile that the people of Blazing Sun and Brilliant Star. Other than that not much is know about them as they are so rarely seen throughout the lands.

Sign Ups

Accepted Characters:
Chan-juan Wei

Larvesta (Fire)

Ember, String Shot, Leech Life

Meixiang Ling

Snorunt (Metal)

Powder Snow, Leer, Double Team, Bite

Mizu to daichi


Eevee (Earth)

Tackle, Tail Whip, Growl, Sand Attack

Bataar Batkhuyag

Swablu (Wood)

Peck, Growl, Astonish, Sing


SU sheet
Name: (Please make it at least in fitting with your nation.)
Age: (Between fifteen and twenty.)
Nationality: (Pick which nation you come from.)
Role: (A one word description of your “class”. Are you a martial-artist, a monk, warrior, ninja, samurai or anything else you can think of.)
Skills: (Pick three skills. These can be in armed combat, martial arts, elemental control, healing, Pokemon related skills or just about anything else you can think of. If your struggling just ask. Give details of each skill.)
Weapons: (Pick up to two weapons, if you have a weapon skill you must pick a weapon of that type.)
Pokemon: (You get one Pokemon of your choice, not too powerful.)
Example 1
Name: Noriyuki Oshiro
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Nationality: Brilliant Star
Role: Samurai
Swordsmanship: Noriyuki is trained as all young nobles of the Brilliant Star are in swordsmanship. He follows the twin blade Scyther style, which uses two swords for all out attack, creating a near continuous stream of attacks.
Wood Element Specialist: As Brilliant Star contains a large number of Pokemon from the Wood element being knowledgeable in their strengths and weaknesses is a strong advantage. Wood Pokemon trained by Noriyuki learn faster.
Herbal Teas (Healing): Noriyuki has a vast knowledge of herbs and is able to brew teas form them capable of curing a range of ailments and restoring chi.
Weapons: Twin Katanas.
Pokemon: Emolga (WOOD)
Example 2
Name: Cai Shen
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Nationality: Blazing Sun
Role: Martial-artist
Raging Infernape Style: The raging Infernape style is an aggressive form of martial arts, based mainly around striking. Attacks are launched quickly and seemingly at random to disorientate the opponent. Mixing distracting techniques such as slaps and sweeps between high powered strikes wears the opponent down. The problem with this style is that the user quickly becomes tired.
Staff based combat: Cai is skilled in staff based combat.
Pokemon breeder: Cai has experience breeding Pokemon, as such he is able to best choose which Pokemon to breed for certain traits. He is also skilled at hatching eggs, having bred and hatched his first Pokemon himself.
Weapons: Staff
Pokemon: Magby (FIRE + 1 egg move)
Example 3
Name: Song Wu
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Nationality: Refined Heaven
Role: Monk
Hariyama Wrestling Style: A martial art focused around hand to hand wrestling. It is know for it's powerful throws but lack of striking techniques.
Water Control: With practice it is possible to learn to manipulate the elements that make up this world. Song has taken the first step by learning to manipulate water. He can use water and ice both to attack and defend.
Single Pokemon Master: Song has managed to attain a strong bond with his only Pokemon, as such he is able to train it far faster than normal. While Song is carrying only one Pokemon with him it learns faster or if he is carrying more than one his starter Pokemon learns faster.

Pokemon: Dratini (METAL)
Example 4
Name: Zhi Chang
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Nationality: Refined Heaven
Role: Channeller
Metal Manipulation: Zhi is able to control metal.
Fire Manipulation: Zhi can create and manipulate fire.
Channelling: Zhi can commune with the spirits of the dead. They can give her advice and help her along her way. She is able to bestow blessings and curses upon people. She has a strong connection to the heaven trigram.
Weapons: Dagger
Pokemon: Ghastly (METAL)
Example 5
Name: Tamoshishikiku (Huan Yue Chu)
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Nationality: Tranquil Moon
Role: Ninja
Stealth mastery: Huan has learnt the arts of the ninja. The first of which is concealment. She is able to hide and move around whilst staying virtually undetected.
Pressure Points: Huan knows about the bodies pressure points and Chi. As a result she can disable opponents with carefully aimed strikes. She is also able to perform minor self healing by manipulating her own pressure point to block pain.
Swordsmanship: Huan is trained in sword fighting.
Weapons: Ninjato and shurikens
Pokemon: Seviper (WATER)



I don't want to have too many rules and hope that the few I have put don't need mentioning.
  • Follow all PC and RP section rules.
  • My decision is final on any matter regarding this RP.
  • No god modding or bunnying without permission.
  • Be active.
  • Try to promote a fun and friendly atmosphere in the RP. (That doesn't mean you can't be competitive.)


I would like to thank Kiklion for helping me name all of the towns and cities in this RP. Also I would like to thank everyone from the Skype chat who contributed their ideas, you know who you are.
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