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Originally Posted by mavy42 View Post
Why is Darkrai unobtainable? (Rages out of the room)
lol sorry The champion of a neighboring region uses Darkrai. Because In the story, Dhark, the person who caught Darkrai, lives in the Topah Region. Darkrai attacked their City one day and his father gave him a master ball when he started his journey too become a Pokemon Master) and he caught him. o.O he used to be a gym leader but he challenged the Elite 4 and won. So now hes the champion of Topah. You'll visit that city in Topah somewhere between the 4th-7th gym. (Dont get me wrong, theres only 1 region in the game!But if i make a sequel..) Anyways he'll be one of the many champions you'll be able to battle at Champion Island. Im still deciding on who I will use for the Unova Champion. (Either Iris or Alder)

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