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Originally Posted by -Lapras- View Post
Spurs lacking some creativity in the middle of the park though aren't they?

Lloris looks a good buy even if they have a good first choice keeper in Friedel. Putting up the extra couple of mill for Dempsey is a smart move, him playing off Defoe and Adebayor could be good. Perhaps they'll do something in January regarding that lack of spark, or perhaps I'm overreacting.
Not forgetting Siggurdson and Vertonghen earlier this season - we've actually got a fair few new people to play with. But, yes, so far we've been lacking too much of a spark. It'll be interesting to see how AVB uses our new additions to bring something new to the table.

But honestly I'm with Nuke on his conclusion: "I have also been out the house and nothing has happened except Chelsea being thrashed it seems, poor deadline day really.". The most interesting thing to happen was QPR - 11 signings in one day!!! Gotta be a record. Can't help but think they're trying to pull a City move on us.
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