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Forrest arrived in Littleroot Town and looked around. Not a big place...or a modern place. He looked around some more and saw a building that looked some what like a laboratory. There had to be something good there. He pulled out the letter he had received in the mail and looked it over. This must be the place. He walked in and observed the room and saw multiple whirring machines and men in white lab coats. Forrest saw a large man in a lab coat and approached him. He didn't want to bother, but he had to know what was going on. "Excuse me sir, what do you do here?"

The professor spun around and barely noticed the slim, muscular boy. "Pardon me?"

"What are you studying?"

"We study Pokemon here. We are also looking for trainers whom I mailed letters too"

Forrest silently gasped, then quickly said,"I have one of those!"

The professor laughed even more. "Ah yes, Mr. Topp. You seem to be a likeable fellow. What would you consider your personality be?"

Forrest stuttered a little. "I guess I'm a bit of a ninja...people have told me that before."

"I have the perfect Pokemon for you." He disappeared for a minute, but came back with a pokeball. "Here try it out." The boy accepted the pokeball then tossed it out to the ground. A red light came out of the ball, and when it cleared away, a green gecko type thing appeared. "It's a Treeko. It's also a bit of a ninja." he chuckled softly.

Forrest needed to test this out...he leapt up into the rafters, and the impressed Treeko leapt up with him. "I love it! Thank you so much professor..."


"Thank you so much Professor Birch!"

"No problem. Just one the world and record data on this." He tossed a Pokedex up to the boy, and he caught it. He nodded happily. He saw a sunlight, then clambered up to it. He pushed the window open and climbed out onto the roof. The Treeko followed him."You need a name...Sasuke!" the Treeko nodded furiously at the idea. "Well,let's go Sasuke!" they began to leap across the rooftops to Route 101.
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