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Originally Posted by gam3r! View Post
From what i've read the routes are redesigned right ?
Yes. Everything is redesigned.
Well not everything. Most maps; Ecruteak Dance Theatre, normal PokeMarts, normal residences, Japanese residences and Kurt's house are the same.
Mr. Pokemon's house has a minor tile edit. Besides that, every route, town, wild area, and Gym have been changed.

Originally Posted by DaleH771 View Post
Wow this looks really good, the stroyline and everything all seem to fit together nicely, I love how its set before the Dragons place was flooded etc. And the graphic update changing the see borders to buoys, just brilliant, looks so much better!
I'm bringing back a lot of the "older" things, and I will have NPC's to explain change of landscapes in some areas.
An example is Gyarados Lake (formerly known as Lake of Rage).
I particularly loved the buoys - wait 'til you see them glow at night!
Pokémon Aurum Version:
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