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Quote originally posted by gam3r!:
From what i've read the routes are redesigned right ?
Yes. Everything is redesigned.
Well not everything. Most maps; Ecruteak Dance Theatre, normal PokeMarts, normal residences, Japanese residences and Kurt's house are the same.
Mr. Pokemon's house has a minor tile edit. Besides that, every route, town, wild area, and Gym have been changed.

Quote originally posted by DaleH771:
Wow this looks really good, the stroyline and everything all seem to fit together nicely, I love how its set before the Dragons place was flooded etc. And the graphic update changing the see borders to buoys, just brilliant, looks so much better!
I'm bringing back a lot of the "older" things, and I will have NPC's to explain change of landscapes in some areas.
An example is Gyarados Lake (formerly known as Lake of Rage).
I particularly loved the buoys - wait 'til you see them glow at night!