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Chapter 1 - Route 101

"Now, who shall we battle first." Becky scanned the route for wild Pokemon. "Or should we catch something first? You want a friend, don't you?"

"Mud mud!" Bayou called out to her, having wandered off into the tall grass.

"Hey, what do you think you're doing going ahead of me like that?" She followed him into the grass. "I'm excited too, but no need to wander off."

Just as she was saying that, Mudkip was tackled to the ground by a Wurmple. Becky was no stranger to Wurmples, as they were quite a common Pokemon, but this one seemed more eager to battle than the others. "Looks like we have a fighter here." She grinned. "Bayou, use Water Gun!"

"Kip!" Bayou got up and shot his Water Gun at the Wurmple who had just attacked him. The Wurmple jumped out of the way, managing to doge the attack. It quickly countered by firing it's String Shot back at the Mudkip. "Mud?" He tired shaking off the string shot, but he was still tangled up. "Let's try something else. What were your moves again?" Becky asked to herself. "Rain Dance was one of them, right?"

"Mudkip!" Bayou took that as a command and began to hopp around, which admittedly looked rather silly. As if out of nowhere, dark clouds formed in the sky and began raining over that area of the route. Becky quickly dodged under a tree, trying to escape the rain. "I should have thought of that."

The Wurple once again charged at Bayou with a Tackle attack. This time however, he was able to slip past it, and untangle himself from a bit of the string. "That's it!" Becky shouted from her temporary shelter. "Now try another Water Gun!"

This time the attack hit directly, and the Wurmple took the full force of the attack. It looked winded from the Water Gun, boosted in power from the rain. "Now's my chance." She thought to herself. "Go, Poke Ball!" Becky tossed the ball at the damaged Wurmple. She stared at the shaking ball, waiting in anticipation for a capture.

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