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Originally Posted by Iloveeevee View Post
Should Phione be considerate as one of the Legendary Pokemon?

Tbh, I have never thought of Phione as a Legendary. I always assumed Phione was like a Pokemon where you can only get it at one place and then afterwards be able to breed it, for example like Spiritomb or Larvesta. xD My opinion is Phione should not be considered Legendary because it can breed and so it isn't rare like a Legendary should be.
Exactly! Legendaries have certain features that are not usually seen on normal Pokémon, and since that's how they've always been, it's become pretty much what we expect them to be. I mean, legendaries are typically genderless, so they can't breed, typically strong to around where pseudo-legendaries lies, though this kinda alters, typically pretty big in design, and while some of them may lack a few of these things, (like the Kami trio all being male, and having several legendaries that are relatively small in design, with some of them being pretty strong anyways) Phione just kinda lacks them all lol. So just gives it less of a reason to be a legendary.
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