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Enraged by his food going missing Patrick runs everywhere on the ship with Phanpy, at the speed Patrick was running you wouldn't be able to tell he had a leg injury at all. He is trying to find clues as to where his food could be. He checks the Pokemon centre where he just seen Nurse Joy getting punched in the nose. But there's no sign of his food. He checks the side deck where he sees a trainer holding a fishing rod with a bird stuck in the line. But there's no sign of his food. Patrick checks the trading centre where he seen a trainer trading with a woman in a blue outfit. But still no sign of his damn food! Patrick checks the other side deck where he noticed a Shinx, using Solarbeam on a mini tornado which shot it back at a trainer who took it as if it was nothing. Patrick gasped for a moment, and saw a person with a Duskull and Mudkip by his side. Patrick stepped away from this unusual person, thinking he was just gonna be more trouble. Patrick and Phanpy were getting frustrated as they were getting nowhere close to their food.

'AHHH! Phanpy this wild Zangoose chase is getting us nowhere! How can we find our find our food? More importantly the thief who took it...' Patrick folded his arms and closed his eyes to help concentrate more. He opened them as he had an idea, he looked at Phanpy who's trunk as sniffing the ground. 'Phanpy! Your trunk has got me an idea! We'll use your nose to sniff out our food!' Phanpy tooted and nods. Patrick picks Phanpy up and it starts sniffing in all directions. Phanpy jumped from his arms and started running towards a hallway where a trainer (for whatever reason smelled a little bit) coming out of a hallway and rushing to the PokeCentre. As Patrick and Phanpy turned the corner into the hallway they could smell their food for a brief moment then a horrible, putrid stench hit them in the face.

'MY GOD! WHAT IS THAT SMELL!' Patrick cried as he covers his face, Phanpy got a little dizzy. The smell was the same one that lingered the trainer from before. He then seen a ninja jump straight past him with the platters in her hands. The fire began burning in Patrick's eyes once more. 'WE FOUND HER PHANPY!' Patrick announced! Phanpy tooted as the pair began chasing her. Although whenever they made it out onto the Side Deck of the ship where they had previously seen the trainer who had a Swablu in his fishing line. He noticed that trainer once more, but paid no attention. Suddenly a Hoppip fell from the sky and bounced on Patrick's head. 'What the?' He carefully picked up the Hoppip and looked up at a very angry Murkrow. Phanpy became more alert as it looked at Murkrow. 'Hoppip, are you okay?' Patrick asked sincerely, Hoppip panted as it flinched from Murkrow.

The Murkrow cried as a dark, evil energy flowed around it's body. Phanpy looked up as to what it was doing. The crow sent a dark shockwave of pure evil desires and impusles as it attempted to blast the Hoppip in Patrick's arms. Phanpy jumped up and blocked the shockwave with Rollout. Murkrow swooped down from the air as it built up its speed as striked Phanpy. Phanpy was knocked back a great deal. 'Phanpy use Ice Shard!' commanded Patrick, Phanpy shot a Ice shard at Murkrow as it fell to the ground. Murkrow got up and it's wings looked reflective just like a mirror. Patrick couldn't believe it, as the Hoppip flinched in fear. Murkrow started shooting Ice Shards across at Phanpy, as the elephant freaked out and began dodging them as best as it could until it got hit by one. Patrick looked at Phanpy who seemed as if this is all it could take.

'Phanpy, Rollout!' Patrick commanded as Phanpy turned into a blue ball as bolted towards Murkrow. Murkrow swooped up and charged at Phanpy at a blinding speed. The two Pokemon collide but Murkrow was crushed underneath Phanpy's constant spinning as the bird lands on the floor. Patrick takes out a Pokeball at throws it at Murkrow. The winged beast gets sucked into the sphere as it begins shaking. He looks at the Hoppip, thinking might aswell. He gets another ball and taps it on the Hoppip's head, sucking it into the ball.
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