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So, you've heard about this 'roleplaying' nonsense and want to give it a go yourself, eh? Or perhaps you're already a member of our little Roleplaying community and just want to refresh your memory on the rules and guidelines. Roleplaying is a good way to practice one's skills in writing and literature and also a great way to meet new people and make friends.

A roleplay (otherwise known as a 'Role-Playing Game' or RP) is a writing game in which members of the community create and assume the role of characters in a fictional environment created by another member, known as a Game Master (or GM). Participating members sign up to roleplays with said characters and if they are sucessful in being accepted, take responsibility for acting out these roles within certain guidelines and in a certain setting, previously outlined by the Game Master.

Why doesn't my new thread show up?!

In these forums, all threads must be manually reviewed and approved by the moderator before they are actually viewable and accessible to all members. This way, the boards stay clean and are prevented from being filled with irrelevent threads or low quality roleplays and any other sort of nonsense or riff-raff.

Submitted roleplays are usually reviewed and then either approved or denied at least once every few days. If you're curious on what has happened to your thread, you can view the "Check to see if your roleplay has been accepted v2", where information on all submitted roleplays are posted after they have been reviewed by the moderator. Please be patient; moderators have life outside of PokéCommunity too! Though, if you feel it has taken a rather long time since you submitted your roleplay, don't be afraid to send the moderator a polite PM or VM asking what has happened with it.

Where do I post my new roleplay?! Where can I find cool roleplays to join?!

Okay, calm down. The boards are separated into two different boards, the Roleplay Corner and the Roleplay Lounge. Each board plays a vital part in our little community and if you are new to the boards, you may need a helping hand to know where to post what!

Roleplay Corner

This section is the main section and is where the In Character (or IC) threads live. This is where most of the magic happens and where you'll most likely be spending a lot of time writing out your adventures and shenanigans. Note that IC threads should not be created until you have a decent amount of players accepted in the associated OOC thread!

Roleplay Lounge

This sub-board is for the Out Of Charater (or OOC) threads. This is where you should go if you want to sign up for a roleplay, and the OOC is the first thread you should post if you want to create a new roleplay. The OOC threads should include enough info to give you an idea of what the RP is about. Other than that, you may come to the Roleplay Lounge to relax, discuss plotlines, characters and other things relating to the roleplay, always out of character. Remember to keep on topic!

The Rules

  1. All submitted roleplays must have a decent plot! Your roleplay will only be accepted if you have a plot which reads well, makes sense and has no obvious holes and cracks (as well as a rules section, a rating and a sign up template). You must explain the world you are roleplaying in, what the motives behind everything is and how the characters are involved. If your roleplay is declined or you think it doesn't look lengthy enough, always ask yourself the five Ws (and one H)! When?! Where?! What?! Who!? How?!? Why!?!?!

    Any and all roleplays which are one liner plots will be declined immediately.

    Also, stealing other's plots is not tolerated. If you wish to revamp an old roleplay, you must do so with the roleplayers permission. If you cannot, you may revamp it only if two months as passed since the existing thread was last posted in, if you link back to the old roleplay in your new one and make sure all ideas are credited for and you must create a new kind of storyline for this roleplay, not a direct copy and paste. Copyright is an important law worldwide and stealing ideas is never okay.

  2. All submitted roleplays must have a rating! Either posted in the title, in the rules section or just somewhere where everyone can see it, the rating has to be there somewhere! Rating roleplays is the same way you would rate a movie or a video game. Who do you think the target audience is?

    Ratings from different parts of the globe are all accepted, but the most common are:
    • K or K+ - For general audiences. For kids. For everybody. These roleplays contain no adult themes and are suitable for all people of all ages! K+ are still for all ages, but contain very mild themes.
    • T - For the slightly mature audience, for teens (thirteen and older!) These roleplays contain slightly older content, including mild themes! Mild violence, mild romance, mild everything! Your players can handle a little... but not a lot!
    • M - For the mature! These roleplays are the higher spectrum and can contain gore, romance, violence, adult themes and coarse language. Course language is now optionally filtered, but please remember that bypassing the filter in any way is infractable! Please do remember that there is only so much violence you can put in without going too overboard, so use common sense! Also, characters can become intimate but never should you ever commit the act (you all know what I am talking about!)!

    If you find your roleplay hard to rate, please ask the moderator!

  3. All submitted roleplays need some kind of guidelines or rules, on top of the general Roleplay Corner rules! This is as to create a contract between the GM and the players who sign up - the GM should be able to fall back onto the specific guidelines the player agreed to follow, in case any arguments arise. If you are the GM and don't think any specific rules are necessary, you may simply state the rating and remind your players to read the Roleplay Corner rules.

  4. All active roleplays need a list of players. As soon as the IC thread becomes active, there should be a players list somewhere, but it does not matter if you put it in the IC or OOC thread.

  5. All IC Posts must be at least 100 words long in length. It's important that all posts are lengthy, detailed, and there is a no tolerance rule for one-liner posts. Don't know how to count your words? Copy and paste into Microsoft Word, if you've got it. If not, is a helpful website.

  6. In general, you are not allowed to use script posting or abbreviated text. Here, we prefer to roleplay like we are writing a story and in proper English too.

    'Bobby: *Pushes Tim* Don't do that!' should be written as '"Don't do that!" Bobby said, pushing Tim.' It is also not acceptable to use "133t $p34k" here. For example, "hi do u wnt 2 go 2 da movis w/ me" should be written as "Hi, do you want to go to the movies with me?"

  7. SPAM is not tolerated. Keep all posts on-topic, whether that be in the Roleplay chit-chat thread, an OOC thread or if you're posting comments in an IC post. All discussion should be relevant to your character, to the plot and have something to do with the roleplay. If you post too much content that is off-topic, you'll earn yourself a nice fat infraction. If you want to talk to someone about what you did last weekend, stick to VMs or PMs.

    On that note, advertising to other roleplay forums or sites is also a big no-no. You may do so in your signature, but keep them out of your posts.

  8. Double posting is only permitted if you are the GM or if you are a player and have received permission from your GM to post several times in a row. This goes for both IC and OOC threads.

  9. Inactive threads (no posts for over a month) can only be revived by the GM. If the time has been over two months GMs might want to opt to remake their threads, as old players may no longer be available, etc.


  • Can I create a one on one roleplay/a small roleplay for me and my friends?
    Generally, roleplays will not be accepted that only have 3 or less spots in total. For those kind of exclusive roleplays, you're better off asking in the Roleplay chit-chat thread if anyone wants to join a smaller that you can host through Skype, PMs or perhaps some online chatting website. Up to you. Though, if you have a roleplay with 4 or more spots in total and you have already organised the players you want in your roleplay, we're happy for you to host that here.


Creating a character: This is basically your resumé or CV into this roleplay and usually your first impression on a game master. Make it a good one! Put loads of effort into your character and try to make them interesting and unique. Also, make sure to follow their sign-up template, but don't be afraid to add extra things if you think you can!

Creating a plot: Plots are never something that you think up in 5 minutes. No, you need days to fully develop a plot. Think it through, take your time. Ask yourself these questions: What? When? Where? Who? Why? How? If you've answered these questions to your fullest capabilities, then you should almost be set to post your roleplay. Make it original as well. If you like a plot line of another series, why don't you put your own spin on it?

Controlling a character: When writing as your character and interacting with others, you have to make sure you think about everything around you. Will your interactions affect the other characters? And in what way? Controlling other's characters however, is not tolerated. Even when it comes to attacking in battle situations, it's common courtesy to post about how you attacked, ending just before you hit, leaving the other player to react. Always ask permission if you need to push another character (unless you are GM, but to an extent. Some players are very finicky on how their players act).

Controlling a roleplay: As a Game Master, it's your job to keep the roleplay running smoothly. For one, you must be active, even if other's aren't. If somebody's not posting, it's your job to chase them up. And if there are disputes, it's your job to clear them up. Make sure that you are fair and unbiased otherwise things can get nasty. When things start to go out of hand though, don't hesitate to talk to the moderator.

Waiting for a roleplay: If you've joined and the roleplay hasn't started yet, don't pester the Game Master. Be patient and wait for the Game Master to be ready to start. If you must ask, make sure you do so polietly.

Waiting for a player: If a player you have been interacting with suddenly goes inactive, don't freak out yet. Send them a PM or try and get in contact with them. If that fails, contact the Game Master. Never resort to taking control of another's character unless you have the proper permission.

Useful Terms You May Need To Know

  • Godmodding means to 'play god' and control things which only the Game Master should; weather, landscape, wild animals etc. It's universally unacceptable. Always ask permission before you control anything outside your character
  • Powerplaying means to control other characters that are not your own. This is always unacceptable and always requires permission beforehand.
  • Bunnying is basically the same as powerplaying, only that it's usually milder such as pulling a person along. Again, permission is always needed before you bunny a character.
  • Mary Sue/Gary Stu is a term used to describe the perfect character; they get everything, know everyone, win everything and are basically no fun to play with at all. There are variations to this, including an Anti-Sue, which all bad things happen to that character. Mary-Sues are universally unliked and demonstrates poor character development. Don't know if your character is a Sue? Take this test!

Helpful Threads & Posts

If you want to write a guide yourself and have it put up here, please PM the moderator and we will talk about it.

You should also check out the Roleplay chit-chat thread, where you can chit-chat about things relevant to RPing, and the Planning & Review thread and We'll interview your character! thread, where you can discuss plot and characters respectively more in detail. You can bounce RP ideas off other members, and hype up interest for your own roleplay in these threads - avoid becoming spammy though and limit how often you advertise your threads.

It's also a good idea to subscribe to the Check to see if your roleplay has been accepted v2 to keep up to date with on new roleplays coming out. A short list of the most recently accepted roleplays will also be in the Roleplay Lounge's header!

Hall Of Fame - all the PokéCommunity RPs that really finished! List gathered by Danger Zone.

Pokemon Dimension by Rift
Runtime: October 11 2003 - July 8 2004

The Dragons, Saga Number One: The Beginning by Skrin
Runtime: August 11 2004 - August 25 2004

The Dragons, Saga Number Two: The Infection by Skrin
Runtime: August 25 2004 - September 9 2004

The Pokemon Academy by Fallen Angel
Runtime: December 6 2003 - September 6 2004

Born as a Pokemon by God of Water
Runtime: September 17 2004 - December 15 2004

Team X by Alana
Runtime: December 31 2004 - March 2 2005

Wolf Quest: Search for the Tower of Regeneration by Alana
Runtime: January 3 2005 - March 22 2005

Celebi's Pearil by Alana
Runtime: April 14 2005 - June 7 2005

Celebi's Secret Garden by Chiyo
Runtime: October 10 2004 - June 7 2005

Star Wars: Current Times by 愛Forgotten Angel愛
Runtime: April 9 2005 - June 10 2005

Ezekiel Bloor's Academy by Psychotic_Demon
Runtime: May 24 2005 - July 9 2005

Star Wars: Current Times: Episode II by 愛Forgotten Angel愛
Runtime: June 10 2005 - July 5 2005

Pokemon II by Stantler
Runtime: July 3 2006 - October 8 2006

Y.Z. by parallelzero
Runtime: July 14 2007 - September 19 2007

Pokemon: Darkness Empire by Usagi-Chan~
Runtime: October 9 2007 - November 1 2007

Pokemon by Stantler
Runtime: May 2 2006 - July 2 2006

Pokemon III by Stantler
Runtime: May 19 2008 - June 20 2008

Y.Z.:Act II by Parallelzero
Runtime: September 24 2007 - December 25 2007

The Uprising: Fighting the Pokemon Extermination by Mira
Runtime: November 30 2008 - March 1 2010

The Pokemon Odyssey by SV
Runtime: April 3 2011 - July 14 2011

War between Pokemon and Humans by -Nocturnal
Runtime: May 31 2011- August 30 2011

Legendary Rebels by Miley810
Runtime: July 18 2011 - November 29 2011

Pokemon Odyssey: A New Beginning by SV
Runtime: November 11 2011 - January 29 2014
Note: If there is any RP that is missing, feel free to PM or VM me about it. Please don't be rude if Danger Zone missed your RP, there were over 5000 RPs that he checked. Also, all typos in the title of the threads were the typos that were in the title of the original RP. They have not been changed.


Currently, the forum is modded by Magic and adventure. If there is anything you wonder about roleplaying, or PokéCommunity, or the meaning of life, or just anything in general, feel free to VM or PM.

Any other questions or queries, feel free to PM the moderators or post a reply to this thread!
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