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What exactly are the team limitations and what goes in the bio? I'm slightly confused about that?

Name: Xavier Coolidge-Also nicknamed X-Ray or Doctor X
Age: 19
Sex: Male
B.Type: [read below about B.types]: Tera
Apperance: [optional]

Pokemon Team: Poliwhirl, Vibrava, Mantine, Claydol, Tauros
Tauros-Bull's Eye
___Species:Check it above
___Sex: [Optional, recommended though]All Male
___Pokemon Move Set:
Poliwhirl-Water Pulse, Hypnosis, Drain Punch, Body Slam
Vibrava-Dragon Breath, Dig, Sand Tomb, Sandstorm
Claydol-Psychic, Earth Power, Dig, Hyper Beam
Mantine-Surf, Waterfall, Wing Attack, Bounce
Tauros-Take Down, Horn Attack, Strength, Fire Blast (It can learn it via TM)
Bio: Xavier is quite a nerd. He loves to read, and he enjoys studying pokemon. He's gone over almost every strategy he could use involving the enviorments he's fought in the past. He always, ALWAYS thinks before he battles. He also has set strategies for each of his team members.

He grew up in the Hoenn region, and lived in Lavaridge Town. Ever since he was a toddler in diapers, Xavier loved pokemon with a passion. When he was a mere child at age 7, he asked his father for his first pokemon. He reluctantly agreed and took him into the mirage desert. They came across a Baltoy and a Trapinch fighting each other, and when they were both weak, Xaviers father caught them both. He gave the pokeballs to his son and told him to train hard, and never give up. The young boy nodded excitedly, and began to fight on. Eventually he had battled every trainer in the area and won every single time, and he wanted to go on to bigger places. His father funded a trip for him to go to Kanto. While he was there, he captured a Poliwag and a Tauros. He trained the pair until Poliwag evolved, and Tauros coud take down a Rhydon. After that, he went to Johto to catch a fifth pokemon. While there, he caught a Mantine and trained that as well. After a long time of wandering in Johto training, he heard of the tournament hosted and swiftly made his way there. He excelled in the Qualification Battle and moved on.

Nevermind my earlier questions. I looked at other SU's and figured it out. What do you think?