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I remember I had read a creepypasta explaining why there are so many Nurses Joy, but it wasn't that gory, I guess we didn't read the same.

Has Pokemon creepypastas ever had any emotional effect on you. If so, which one was it?

The first creepypasta I read had an emotional effect on me, yes. I guess it's the most well known of all creepypasta, so, that's not surprising it was my first one. I'm of course talking about Pokémon Lost Silver. I read the story, played the game, watched videos about that (you know, with all those beautiful pictures with an armless Gold and so on), it was fascinating, really.
And then I couldn't sleep all night. That's so stupid, I'm (almost) never scared of horror movies, the goriest don't have much effect on me. But a little creepy story about Pokémon is enough to make me have a very bad night. I'm ashamed. Maybe it's the fact that it was about my favourite franchise, my childhood that disturbed me that much...
I didn't read creepypastas for a while, but now I'm a big fan of them. And I can read Lost Silver with no problem.