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Hello. I am motb777. I am making Pokemon Blue Lake, a ROM Hack based on Leaf Green. So far I can sprite, map, text edit, script, storyline. I am looking for some fellow hackers to assist in this hack because I simply can't make it alone (tried before and failed). I am decided to make it a perfect hack.

Application Form
This is the application form if you want to apply for job:
Position you want to apply:
Proof of work: (screenshots, sprites, etc.)
Why you want to join this team? (practice, for fun, etc.):

Jobs Available
I can only sprite and map so I need:
  • Spriter (for OW sprites): Pinkish Purple (Joined at 12/09/12)
  • Spriter (for trainers): Begore (Joined at 29/09/12)
  • Professional Scripter: iLoveHate (Joined at 02/09/12)
  • Sprite Inserter: Hassan (Joined at 10/09/12)
  • Title Screen Changer
  • Storyliner: Begore (Joined at 29/09/12)
  • Music Composer and Editor
  • ASM Scripter

Here's a list of the features to be implemented:
  • Day and Night System.
  • Pikachu as a starter.
  • Pikachu will also follow you. Changed my mind, pretty useless.
  • Fusion Sprites.
  • New Region.
  • New Gym Leaders.
  • Some 4th and 5th gen pokemon.
  • Brand new Hero / Heroine.
  • New Trainers as well.
  • 2 or 3 rivals.
  • New music.
  • New tiles.
  • New Music.
  • New Badges.
  • 8 Gyms (Yes 8 gyms) and 1 League.
  • And some easter eggs, I didn't mention. (PM for more info)

And that's all.

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