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PokéCommunity has an entire forum dedicated to that, which you can find here.


We respect competitive battling and do not think either standard is "better" or "worse". If you want to debate your opinions on which is better, please take it somewhere else.

Welcome to PokéCommunity's group for Playground Battlers!

This is a group that has been set up for people who like to battle using the Playground Battling standard instead of the more widely-used Competitive Battling standard.

It has also been set up to promote the standard itself, as a lot of people think that to battle online against other people one must adhere to the Competitive standard. To put it another way, many believe that Competitive is the only way to battle online. This is not the case.

If you're a little confused or want more info, feel free to read this blog entry. It should clear everything up.

Simply put, it's battling with your favourite Pokémon that you've raised in-game. There are no level restrictions, nature calculations, number crunching or EV/IV training involved. If you've battled in-game, you can battle Playground without needing to learn anything.

The spirit of the Playground standard is that it's not about winning, it's about meeting new people and battling your Pokémon. If you win, you win. If you lose, you need to train some more, level up and give it another go. The fun comes from the battle itself and not the victory.

Though it's far less restrictive than Competitive, Playground still has some rules for fair play
(to stop people abusing it).

1. There are two types of Playground Battles:

A standard battle without using any Legendary Pokémon.

A battle only using Legendary Pokémon.

Legendary Pokémon count as the following:
Arceus Articuno Celebi
CobalioDarkrai Deoxys (all formes)
Dialga Entei Genesect
Giratina (all formes) Groudon Ho-oh
Keldeo (all formes) Kyogre Kyurem
Landorus Latias Latios
Lugia Manaphy Moltres
Meloetta* Mew Mewtwo
Palkia Rayquaza Raikou
Reshiram Rotom (all formes) Shaymin (all formes) Suicune Terrakion Thundurus
TornadusVictini Virizion
Volcarona Zapdos Zekrom

*Since Meloetta is not yet legitimately available, anyone who is using them has been hacking. If you see them, report the user at once via. PM to either myself or Shining Raichu.

So to summarise, you can either battle only using these Pokémon, or not using them at all.

2. You must be completely open as to what level each member of your party is.
Convention dictates that you should also keep all of you Pokémon around about the same level (within 10-12 levels of each other). Most people do this anyway when training and it's a good habit to get into even when battling in-game.

3. All battles must be totally unrestricted.
Battles can be single, double or triple, be between 2 players or a tag battle between 4, and must have no level restrictions or special settings. You can use whatever moves (including HMs) and held items you want, but you're not permitted to act like a jerk with them. Play nice.

4. Each party must be the same size.
Your team can be any size you like, from 1-6. However, if you have a 6 Pokémon team and go against someone who has a 4 Pokémon team, you're obliged to take two of them out. Which two is up to you.

5. No Competitively-raised/bred Pokémon are permitted.
This is a no-brainer, since a Pokémon bred and raised to the Competitive Standard will have a huge and unfair advantage over Playground teams. Once again, if you want to battle Competitively or care more about winning, visit the Competitive Battling Center.

6. Have Fun, Stay Safe.
Keep everything friendly, remember winning and losing are somewhat irrelevant here. Also - be very careful about battling someone that doesn't reveal any info before asking you to PG Battle - they may be trying to catch an easy win with a Competitive team or a Legendary team. Some people will try to take you for a ride.

Playground Battling is often shortened to 'PG' because none of us can be bothered to type it all the time. :) When asking someone, you have to either specify the number of Pokémon on your team and their Level Range (e.g."Wanna battle PG six on six? Lv. 50-52"), or link you to their team profile which specifies this information.

Now if you ask someone to a Playground Battle, and they respond with 'What's PG?', then on the whole it would be best to link them to this thread, as it can answer any question they may have on the subject rather than try to explain it yourself.

Since the Playground standard isn't really widespread, it's likely that if people don't specify that it's a PG Battle, they mean a Competitive Battle. However, if you really want to specify that it is a Competitive Battle you want (and we encourage this), then it can be shortened to 'Comp' or 'CB'. (e.g. "Hey - wanna battle CB? *clauses etc.*")

Neither is better or worse.
Everyone has their own preference in the way they battle, and everyone should respect that.

We won't condone any out-right or flaming attacks of Competitive or Playground from either side (e.g. don't go saying 'Competitive ruined Pokémon' or 'Playground is for babies').

This group is for discussion of Playground battling and that may stray into members' feelings about Competitive Battling - this is fine, but please keep it friendly.

Well, now that you've read all of that and understand what the Playground Battling standard is, you have two options.

You can sign up to this group here and meet other Playground Battlers, discuss your feelings and experiences with it and, if we get a good membership, maybe even participate in a few events.

Of course, you don't have to sign up to the group in order to PG Battle now that you know all about it. You don't have to go through this group in order to PG Battle someone - it's entirely optional.

HTML Code:
[B]Trainer Title:[/B] (optional)
[B]Favourite Pokémon in your team(s):[/B]

Usernames will link you to a profile

Name • Favourite Pokémon in their team(s) • EVENT: BW2 Badges

Kip • My Quilava, Flamie :3 • 5
Shining Raichu • Raichu, like Pikachu but less conformist


♪Twiggy♪ • Not done setting up yet...
AlexOzzyCake • My purple beauty Muk!
GolurkIsDaBomb • Either Janice the Heracross or Wyatt the Seismitoad
Lapras • My Pidgeot name Soar, he's pretty cool.
Zac (Ninjagon) • DarkDemon my Hydreigon and MetaBoss my Shiny Metagross.
NecrumWarrior • Tyranitar, she will destroy you! • 2
TechnoEK • Scizor. Grim as I like to call her.
Rainbow Arcanine • Blitz my amazing Arcanine :3
Rainy Garden of Fire • Electivire and Magmortar from PBR.
Brianna • Wigglytuff. Cuz, ya know, it's wiggly. And tuff.
CourageHound • Krush, the Muk. An incredible force of nature.
Syltti • Yui the Gardevoir & Serenity the Lilligant • 8
Orange • All of them! No, really its probably my Azumaril. Or Lucario. Or Servine. • 3
Pvt Tamama • Glalie, the most beautiful Pokémon if them all!
Icy Burn • Snivy - It's slick, fast, sexy, and could run rings around some Tepig or Oshawott. c:

If you write a blog or post about Playground Battling, be sure to let us know! Drop us a PM.

28/08/2011 BLOG (Kip) Competitive Vs. Playground
01/09/2012 GROUP Group submitted for scrutiny by the glorious Moderators and accepted!
01/09/2012 BLOG (Kip) Playground Battling Club Launches
10/10/2012 EVENT BW2: Rival Battles

Do you want to help promote Playground Battling? Firstly, thank you! :3 We have a lovely banner you can put in your signature right here!


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Fancy making your own banner? Post it, and we'll add it here!

This club is not a place for you to organize battles. Organizing battles should take place in VM's or PM's, whereas the club itself is solely about discussing Playground Battling and anything related to it.