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Dominic woke up suddenly out of a daze, he quickly looked around and saw Pikachu nearby also asleep, as he looked around more there was Nidoran was well. He rubbed his head and noticed he had a knot on it. Suddenly he realized he had won the battle but he didn't get his money. Hopefully that girl learned her lesson. He suddenly remembered he had to go and catch the ferry.

He had enough time as he saw a bus coming his way, he hurriedly hopped on after picking up Nidoran and Pikachu.

"You did good guys now have a rest", Dominic said as he put Nidoran back in his Pokéball and sat Pikachu in his lab. That girl had an attitude and it was starting to get under his skin. The next time, Dominic would be ready when she tries that again. The bus soon stopped and the ship was already collecting tickets, hurriedly Dominic jumped in line and the ship was off. He registered and he soon saw the girl waiting at the pier.

She soon turned around and Dominic wondered where she was going. Until then he would just relax in his bedroom.