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Geoff did not extend his hand for a shake. "...The hell were you doing up there? Spying on us? --Good job, Scarlett." The Slugma puffed out a small gout of flame, content with herself. "Slug-ma." Bandit growled at Forrest, but Geoff calmed him down. "Easy, Bandit. Don't have to go biting anyone...YET, I think." The young man furrowed his brow as he tried to make some sense of Forrest. Scarlett stared down Forrest's Treecko, certain she could take him on if things came to that, but she did not attack. She silently hoped that Geoff would give the order for her to use Ember. Just that one word would be enough for her. Ember. The thought kept the Slugma warm and happy as she glared at the suspicious newcomers.

And just like that, he disappeared. "Yeah, if we see him again..." Scarlett blew a large gout of flame into the air, and Bandit ran around, snapping his jaws.
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