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(I'll put a capture attempt in my next post.)

Naren Warren

Grass. Trees. Pokemon everywhere.

It was almost like Azalea. Except of course, her mother was nowhere to be found. Right? Naren tugged at the goggles that were currently loose around her neck. She sighed. Gotta think positive. Yeah, think of the positives. Positives... that her mother would find this out and kill her... well, was that really a positive though?

Naren shook her head and wandered into the grassy town. It was kind of quiet here... which was nice compared to Azalea... but still! Oooh... she really needed to get out of here, like now. Right now. So... where was the lab? Oh... duh. The bright shiny place that looked as homey as a skyscraper of condos. Maybe there was something wrong with her eyes... or her brain. Considering the rest of the houses looked, well, rather flimsy and older compared to this bright building, the young girl kind of hoped something would come out of this journey.

"Scuze me," she drawled softly as the glass door slid open. A man was fiddling with something at a desk. "Imma... I'm here for m' Pokemon sir." The brunette male looked up slowly, eyes sparkling with confusion at the sound of this feminine voice in the middle of his workshop. Then he smiled.

"Oh, hello there," he greeted, urging her to walk forward. Naren obeyed, the sunflower not sure what he wanted. "You are...?"

"Naren sir," she mumbled. "I'm, um, y'see..." Her thick, uncultured speech made her face flush a deep red and Naren looked down in silence.

He raised a hand to her. "No need to say a thing. My name is Birch. I would be the Professor here... you caught me on a good day! I usually would have been in the field by now!"

"O-Oh...." He turned away to rummage in a drawer or two before lifting a few devices from one, including a Pokeball. Turning back, Professor Birch held out a Pokeball and a red device.

"Here's your Pokemon and Pokedex, as well as a few Pokeballs." She took them in puzzlement before he exclaimed. "Well, go on, say hello to your new partner!" She obeyed, opening the Pokeball to reveal... a fuzzy yellow mouse.

It stared up at her and sighed. Oh great, it grumbled. I got the stupid one.

This partnership was off to a great start.
"Perhaps I misjudged you after all."

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