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After a few shakes, the Poke Ball finally sealed shut with a click. As the sky began to clear, Becky walked over to the Poke Ball and picked it up. She smiled and turned to look at Bayou. "We did it, buddy! We caught a Pokemon!"

"Mud mudkip!" He responded happily. The Mudkip walked over to Becky and nudged at her leg. "Hmm, what is it?" She responded. "Do you wanna see him? I'll let him out." She opened up the Poke Ball, and the newly caught Wurmple emerged. He looked bit tired from the battle. "Oh, you don't look so good. Let me get you a Potion." She began digging through her back pack. "I know there should be one in here somewhere..."

As she was distracted by her backpack, Bayou tried to make friends with his new teammate. "Mudkip!" He greeted enthusiastically. The Wurmple gave him a weird look. "Wurmple? Wurm." He was still a bit confused as to why a Pokemon who just fought him would be so eager to be friends. "Kip kip!" Bayou walked up closer to the Wurmple, so just backed away. He didn't seem to get the picture, so he kept getting closer and the Wurmple kept moving backwards, until finally they were just running around in circles.

"Alright, I found the Potio- What do you two think you're doing?" Becky asked, watching the strange spectacle before her. "I'm glad you're getting along, but you look like idiots." She bent down and picked up the Wurmple, spraying the Potion on him. "That should fix you up. Now what should I call you?" She thought for a moment. "I don't know what you're going to evolve into, but I would rather have you as a Dustox. I just think they're cooler than Beautifly. So, I'll call you Duster, in hopes you actually become a Dustox."

"Wurm wurm." He seemed to respond in agreement. Becky smiled and set him down. "Alrighty then, who should we train first?" She looked through her Pokedex. "It looks like Duster is going to evolve pretty soon, but he's also at a higher level than Bayou, so maybe we should train Bayou first."

"Wurmple wurm!" Duster protested. She sighed. "Fine. We'll train you until you evolve, but then we're going to focus on catching Bayou up, alright?" Duster responded more positively this time. "Now to find another Pokemon to battle." She glanced around the area and noticed a couple of Zigzagoons nearby. "Hey, why don't we try fighting both of them, that way you can both get experience?"

"Kip kip!" Bayou agreed and bounded over to them. "Wurm!" Duster followed close behind. The Zigzagoons noticed them coming close, and took the initiative to start the battle. They both ran up and used Tackle on them. Both Duster and Bayou got hit. "Duster use Poison Sting on the one nearest you! Bayou do the same thing with Water Gun!" They both fired their attacks at them, but they zigzagged out of the way.

"Hmm, they're good at dodging. Try hitting one with a Tackle of your own, Duster. Bayou, use Mud Slap. Duster tackled the Zigzagoon nearest it, but it countered with another Tackle of it's own. Bayou smacked the other Zigzagoon with some of the mud from the ground. It leaped at him for a Tackle attack as well. "Hmm, this doesn't look good." Becky said with concern. "They keep landing their attacks, but we can't hit unless we're close." She mulled over what to do next.

As the Zigzagoons were preparing their next Tackle, inspiration struck. "I know, hit them with Water Gun and Poison Sting right before they Tackle you! They'll be too close to dodge." Quickly, as the Zigzagoons dashed forwards for their next strike, Bayou and Duster pushed them back with the full force of their attacks. Both of them fell over and fainted simultaneously.

"Yeah, we did it guys!" Becky cheered. As she was saying that, Duster began to glow. "Oh, this must be evolution!" She looked on excitedly. He gradually formed into the shape of a cocoon, and once he stopped glowing, she saw that he had in fact evolved into a Cascoon. "Yes! This is awesome!" She picked him up and danced around in joy. "First evolution already! I'm getting a Dustox~" Watching this excitement, Bayou began to dance around as well.

While they were dancing, the sky began to get dark again. Clouds were forming above their heads. Becky paused in realization. "Wait, you just did Rain Dance, didn't you?" Bayou just looked up at her and smiled.

"Should have worn my swimsuit today."

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