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Ok so lately I've been reading Creepypasta so here are some of my good reads!
Good Creepypasta reads!

Abandoned Mew:

Duskull Chamber:


N's Rage:

Also the Nurse Joy one:
I was surprised Zayphora never heard of it before I told her lol.

I found this conspiracy and thought it was cool so....

Is Ditto a... failed Mew?

Mew and Ditto both weigh 8.8 lbs.
They have the same sprite color scheme, with the same shinies.
They both can learn every move, though in Ditto's case for a certain period.
They both learn Transform.
Many Ditto can be found in Cinnabar Mansion where many experiments took place between Mew and Mewtwo.

Topic Answer: Well the first creepypasta I read was Lavender Town Music and got pretty far into research and I actually thought the music would cause harm but I still refuse to listen to it but who knows XD.....