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Lillian *Lily* Blackstar
Chapter 1 - Part II
-Route 101-

" Training! Evolving?! Battling? "

Lily waited anxiously along with Lucy for the pokeball to either stop or break. Luckily for Lily the ball shook three times then stopped motionless on the ground. She rushed up to pick her pokeball and with a big smile on her face showed it to Lucy. “We got our first pokemon….well we didn’t battle it but a catch is a catch nonetheless. “ then she released the bug pokemon out again who greeted her with a large smile.

“ Wurm…Wurmple!” the Pokemon cried, glad that it was now part of a team.

“Well since you’re with us now you’ll need a name, but first let’ me check something.” Lily pulled out her Pokedex and looked and Wurmple’s data, beside finding its attacks, Lily wanted to see it gender. “Female….then how about Mimi?!” but the pokemon shook his head as a NO “..then how about Grace?” The pokemon pondered a bit until finally nodding in agreement.

“ Ok then up you go and let’s get moving! “ Lily said picking the worm pokemon on her shoulder. The three travelers started walking on the main road on the route trying to get to the other town as fast as possible. However, their little follower had started moving as well keeping a steady but sure distance between him and Lily and the others. The pokemon seemed interested in Lily to such extent that he had to follow her for the time being.

Time flew and soon enough Lily with her Pokemon were at the edge of route one. But instead of going into town the three decided to stop and do some training as Wurmple was feeling better after spending hours on Lily’s shoulder. The girl was sitting on top of a rock watching her pokemon as they were training. Lucy was pushing a boulder all over the place trying to avoid obstacles and maintain its speed. Lily earned from her previous journey that nature can be a fierce opponent, so by pushing the boulder Lucy would increase her stamina, speed and strength at the same time.

“ Nicely done Lucy! Keep it up!” she encouraged the pokemon as she put a blanket on the grass to prepare their meals. As she pulled out some poke food she turned over to Grace who was practicing her aiming and precision and reflexes. Her training consisted of using Poison Sting to cut down leafs from a nearby tree, then use String Shot to pull then down as they fell.

“Ok girls that’s enough for today! Come and get your lunch. “ Lily said and put two bowls on the blanket then got a sandwhich from her bag. Both Lucy and Grace came rushing over, well Wurmple zapping over as it would have taken her more time if she crawled. Suddenly as Grace landed on the blanket her whole body started to glow brightly, almost blinding Lucy and Lily. The bug pokemon started to grow into an oval shape and then sprouted out some horns. As the light faded away Lily was left with a big grin on her face. “I can’t believe it. You already evolved.” She said realizing what had happened. Lily quickly pulled out her Pokedex once again, somehow she had used the Pokedex a lot today, and checked for the new entry.

“ Silcoon, the Cocoon Pokémon. Silcoon is the evolved form of Wurmple. Using its thread to attach itself to a tree branch, it waits to evolve to its next stage. When it grows thirsty, it drinks the dew that collects on its string. “

“ This is awesome! “ Lily said and took the cocoon and placed it on her lap.

Lucy sighed and frowned.

“Hey don’t be like that, some pokemon evolve faster than others, you’re time to shine will come too.” Then went on and patted Lucy on the head.

“Py!” the pokemon let out a reply as she wanted to say “ Ok! ”

After the warming surprise the gang went on to eating their lunch peacefully down to the last bit. However as any pokemon journey is, nothing last as it is for long, so as Lily, Grace and Lucy were about to head into town a pokemon cut their way off by teleporting in front of Lily. It was the same pokemon that had watched her since she set foot on Route one. This time Lily didn’t go for the Pokedex as she knew exactly what was standing before her. It was a Ralts, a very rare pokemon and an even rare sight was to be spotted around humans.

“Ralts! Ralts!!” the pokemon cried loud and stretched its arms not letting Lily pass by him. The pokemon thought of himself as a little hero and now that he found another person like him he wouldn’t let it go away so easily.

“I don’t know the reason why you won’t let us pass but we have to get into town before it gets dark.” Lily said and tried to take a step forwards but the pokemon immediately used its Confusion attack to place her foot back on the ground. “If that’s how you’re gonna be then we have no choice. Lucy let’s take him down!”

“Ralts!” the pokemon cried saying * That’s more like it!*.

“Ok Phanpy use Tackle! “ Lily shouted and as soon as she did Lucy started running towards Ralts. To Lily’s surprise the Pokemon was sitting still, without any intention of even moving. Then it hit her, however before Lily could stop the attack Ralts had already unleashed its Confusion attack stopping Lucy in her tracks.

“Ralts!” he cried and with a gesture of his hand Lucy was sent flying at Lily’s feet.

“ Ok! Change of strategy. Lucy use Growl!”
were her words. Lucy opened her mouth and shouted as loud as she could sending the yell straight to Ralts. The psychic pokemon Teleported itself behind Lucy to evade the attack. “ That’s it. Tackle!” Lily yelled as soon as she saw Ralts once again. The ground type pokemon turned and smashed into Ralts as hard as she could, knocking him on the ground a few feet away. She had planned that all along, the only blind spot of Growl is behind the opponent.

“ Follow up with another Tackle attack!”
It was imperative that she would strike before Ralts had any time of recovering. But, to her misfortune as it was trying to get up, with a single hand raised it trapped Lucy in its Confusion attack once again. Ralts smashed the poor pokemon into a nearby tree. “ Defense Curl! “ Lily shouted as she saw that Lucy was now heading towards a rock. “ I have to stop this somehow!” Lily said to herself clenching her fist. The psychic pokemon brought Lucy back in front of him and was staring directly into her eyes.

“ Now’s my chance. Lucy use Flail!!!”
Lucy, in her immobilized state managed somehow to free it trunk and start smashing Ralts, making it lose its focus. Lucy landed down on the ground and as Lily quickly said launched a Tackle attack, sending Ralts flying once again onto the ground. Lily took a pokeball from her belt and without a second to spare tossed the pokeball at Ralts who was still sitting motionless on the ground.


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