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Originally Posted by Kenshin5 View Post
And I do believe he learns from his mistakes overall, as he adjusts after loses from Paul even if he kept the same team he still made the adjustments so the same thing didn't happen from their previous match.
Which is why I really wish we stopped following Ash's journey at Sinnoh, but that's another discussion. Although I agree that Ash learns, even though after each region, his progression is obscured. But compare Ash's start in Kanto to the one in Hoenn and I'd say he has improved, so he knows what he's doing, it's just that he doesn't do it. The reset kills him.

I say that not using his other Pokemon in the Hoenn League was one of his biggest mistakes. He, somehow, got rather far in the tournament, but he really could have taken it if he used his other Pokemon as well. I mean, come on. He only used his Hoenn Pokemon, which severely limits his team.
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