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Like I said in Kip's blog, CBC has always been about battling in general, competitive or not. See the forum description: "This forum is designed for all of your Pokémon battling needs! The main forum is meant for discussions, battle requests, battle logs, and other threads related to battling. Look to the sub-forums for events and team help." It's just that casual battlers are almost nonexistent it seems, or they're intimidated by the complexity of competitive Pokémon so they avoid CBC at all costs. I think removing "competitive" from the forum name would be a good choice to make.

Also, it's kind of funny because I play competitive battling purely for fun rather than winning. I'm entertained by a good battle regardless of whether I win or lose. I guess that makes me a casual battler then? Thing is, CBC has never really been "competitive" in the sense of battling to win (most of our members are too scared to join a tournament!), so the name change makes even more sense. Besides, most people go to Smogon if they want to be best Pokémon trainer in the world.