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Chapter 2 - Oldale Town

Satisfied with how training was going, Becky decided it was time to move on to the next town. The fact that she was soaking wet from the Rain Dance may have influenced that decision as well. She made a note to herself to invest in an umbrella. Hopefully they sold them in town.

The town was small and quiet, much like Littleroot, except sightly more advanced. They actually had a Pokemon Center and a Poke Mart, unlike the previous town. Her first order of business was the Pokemon Center, where she could heal up her team, and change into a dryer set of clothes. That is, assuming everything in her bag isn't wet.

She walked into the Center, and handed her two Poke Balls to the nurse, who gave her a strange look, but did her job without saying a word. While the Pokemon were being healed, Becky quickly changed clothes in the bathroom. They were still damp, but the sun would dry them out. She retrieved her Pokemon, thanked the nurse, and went on her way.

After buying a couple of Potions and Poke Balls, and learning that they do not in fact sell umbrellas, Becky left the Poke Mart. Her business in this town was over, as there was never very much to do in the first place. However, she began to wonder something. How has she not run into any other of the chosen trainers? There is only one path in and out of Littleroot, so she must have passed by at least one of them. Was she just so focused on her own journey that she didn't notice the other people? Or was it a case of wrong place, wrong time?

If she was going to meet some of them, this would be the best opportunity. Trainers would stand out pretty easily, because of the small size of this town. And surely all of them would pass through at some point. But at the same time, she didn't want to wait around this quiet little town when she could keep moving on with her journey. That was her dilemma. Should she wait until she met up with the others or just keep on moving?

In the end, she decided to wait it out in front of the Pokemon Center for a little while. If nobody showed up, then she would just continue on her way. She felt lonely standing by herself though, so she let both Bayou and Duster out to keep her company.

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