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Originally Posted by Dratizard View Post
Now about my Wonder Mail request. It isn't yours to decide whether I should or shouldn't have 17 Pokemon on my team. So stop telling me what to do and tell me if you can get me Wonder Mail S for them: Mudkip, Abra & Shinx.
You will see for yourself that it's useles... well, you will see.

I haven't tried them but here they are.
Shinx-55@7 2FM9 +14P 6K55 =HYY 8#F%
Mudkip-JPQ9 P4%8 Y7X+ S@WN 05RQ T1=&
Abra-JX6& X840 F07X #1@N =T9C 3X7%

And seriously... Abra? You will need to obtain Link Cable to get Alakazam which isn't that easy.
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