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Quote originally posted by AceAlmighty:
again on route 8 another glitch. id post a picture but cant yet :L when i beat the scientist at the very end of the route, my sprite was switched with the man in front of the building there, the guy that looks like lance. my character was also still next to the scientist though. so i have 2 of me on the screen and the lance looking fella was gone. I could only move the new sprite and i fixed this glitch by entering the building and then exiting. Lance looking fella was back and everything is good now. pretty scary though, i dont want to have to start again

I had that same problem with that Lance fella. After he gave me Clamperl his textures kinda messed up, and he looked like nurse Joy. So i walked in a house that leads to tunnel and everything was fine then.

Also i can't get inside Ghost Tower in Lavender Town. I got Silph Scope for Team Rocket base at Game Corner. At first i thought that Kecleon is blocking the way, you know like in RSE games but i tried to talk nothing happens. I need to go inside Ghost Tower so Mr. Fuji can give me PokeFlute to awaken Snorlax.