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Quote originally posted by DarkPsychic:
All right now Im kinda sad.. I read that this tool will no Longer be worked on=( How sad is that. Well I guess my first question is Will anyone take it over and keep up with updating it? or will this tool become frozen in time=(? I Honestly think this tool has Potential to be the best scripting editor for pokemon gb and gba games? the script generator is one of the most fasinating things I have seen and know hands down their are others out there who think the same.. I know others love XSE but to be Honest XSE is not really beginner friendly, as so This tool really is and I know it shouldnt be easy but why not make it less stressful and more productive. XSE could be the best if it had a script generator and the free space finder already build in just like PKSV with the #dyn 0x740000 command.... And ONE more thing why is it when I hit the only download link that I can see do I only get the PKSV-UI and not the pksv.exe file??? can anyone answer that for me please?
in place of pksv.exe, run the AssociateShell.bat file. make sure to run as administrator if you're on windows.