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QUOTE=mikeyisdead;7324573]what the name of the rom was use ? plus not asking for the rom[/QUOTE]

The rom you need is Pokemon Emerld US Version1.0.

Originally Posted by Iceypunchy View Post
I'm just wondering how to get a dusk stone?I'd like to evolve my lampent
You don't need a DUSK STONE to evelove it,the way to evelove it is just like how to evelove UMBREON...

Originally Posted by shomoher View Post
Where do I go after getting Rock Smash??
After getting HM06,go back to Mt.Skywall,there's a passage which blocked by a rugged rock,you need to use HM06 to smasher it,and then,get through the passage,you'll arrive the TYRON Tower.

In fact,I found some bugs yesterday,I fixed them and released the fixed Beta3.2,this fixed version's longer than the previous one,you can get HM07 after battled GENESECT in Cayon Path's secret lab and met N on the top of the Mt.Skywall(This lab will be avaliable after you defeated the E4),so you'll be able to meet some hidden legendary Pokemon like Mew,Deoxys,Entei,Reshiram/Zekrom(If you're male,you'll meet Reshiram on the top of Jade Volcano after the Team Mirage event on the top of Mt.Skywall,if you're female,you'll meet Zekrom there...).
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