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I used a walk through walls code to proceed on with the game through the lavender ghost tower. the game gets more buggy/glitchy as you go on. Im now up to the pokemon league, but i literally needed to make a save state before entering any room or house after i got the 7th badge. the team magma thing in victory road didnt work properly either. all the tiles were glitched and whenever i entered the room i was stuck in it forcing myself to use an escape rope to leave.

i know the game isnt finished but the island houses and victory road seems rushed. i will still complete the beta by beating the elite four, but am hoping no more glitches occur where i get stuck in a room because for obvious reasons that would make me unable to battle the elite four aha.

the beta is IMPOSSIBLE to proceed further than the 4th badge without CHEATS. by this i mean walk through walls had to be used to enter the lavender tower.
the features says Brendan and May will appear throughout the game, ive only ever encountered May, and she only had her sprite once or twice too. usually its just text and then the battle starts. she works properly at the pokemon league though

Lorreli missing from elite four so cant battle the pokemon league. thats meant to be like that i assume? i though you could battle the pokemon league in the beta.

oh yea one last thing, i noticed you cant leave south of lavender town which seems intentional, but you also cant leave south of Fuschia city either, which i though was the only way to get to Articuno. i tried going east of cinnabar island but the parts of seafoam island needed to get to Articuno isnt accessible via the route.
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