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I would pretty much like ta see a Part Grass/Fire Type fo once. It would make up fo all of Fire-Type's weaknesses, and thay could combne a good attacker wit a good defender. That would make it a worthwhile starter despite evolvng nta one of tha othar Types of starter Pokemon that you could pick. Plus it's only weaknesses would be Flyng, Ground (But tha Grass-Type combo makes it render Ground pretty much useless) and Poison, which most isn't commonly used n Pokemon Battles anyway, except fo tha popular Crobat (Still, ONE of tha new Starter's Defenses must be good, n fact it will be best ta have a bootylicious Defense). Plus, snce it is a Fire-Type, it's not impossible fo it ta learn Dragon-Type moves, which completely removes tha Dragon-Type problem. Plus, dawgy Grass-Types can learn Rock and Ground Type moves, which is snoopa effective aganst all of it's weaknesses (Not countng Ground, as that would already be sorted wit Grass-Type moves).

What I said above may make a h*ck of a good Fire Starter.
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