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As a fun deck idea, it seems neat.

As a competitive deck it lacks consistency; and without Altaria, Garchomp isn't going to hit for powerhouse attacks. A 1-1 Eel line is also far too inconsistent for what it's there for, and with catcher far too easy to KO. Running so many energy without a variety of pokemon and only 1 Ho-Oh with only a Bouffalant and dragons which everyone runs a counter to is a bad idea in competitive play.

I will say that given the nature of the card, Ho-Oh-EX really needs to run in a 6 corners-style build to operate effectively since the card itself isn't that good because it counts on the deck being based around it rather than working around a deck.

I would also say that due to the nature of Ho-Oh relative to other EX's, it isn't beneficial to run any more than 5 energy types at max, 4 types for more consistency and varied strategy. If it gets the revival, it will have 3 energy automatically if done correctly for an attack of 80, and with 1 other basic from hand it can do 100. Average EX's have 170-180HP, and most EX's are built to 2-shot and be 2-shotted. If you figure that the first attack does 80-100, and the second does 100-120, you pretty much KO any EX.

But on the other hand Ho-Oh is one of the more brittle HP EX's at 160, and even without weakness It's fairly simple to KO without an Eviolite.

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