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Pokemon Java Kit

Have you ever wanted to create your own pokemon game but your to lazy to program your own or don't know how? To cheap for rpg maker xp or another professional rpg system? WRONG! I am now creating a game engine dedicated to pokemon for.... FREE!

Current Features:
Smooth map movement/scrolling (like an rpg should) (include player movements/turning)
Complete NPC support (movement/teleporting/messages/erase/self switches/ect.)
Bike (only the speed movement not graphics)
Multipul region badge support (Like G/S/C)
Sub Script engine of Javascript (used for events and it binds the main essentials too)
A neatly organized system for easy to use/change system (ummm not a feature really)
FULL keyboard support (wouldn't be a good system without it)
FULL mouse support (even the little things like moving/entering the window/ect.)

Comming Soon Features:
Battle System (Includes the pokemon/item class)
Data Bank (Stores data on externals (items/pokemon/tms/trainers/ect.) like poke_essentials' compiler script)
Region Maps (Support for displaying region maps)
Menu Support (displays main menus)

Comming Later On....
Anything I can think of while I finish the comming soon feature list.

Images and Videos:

Cpu Tests
Also note my debug text V (if you wanted to keep track on my positions)
Mocks you for no badge...

I have no tree sprite, the little kid does fine for now (not being cruel on purpose if you think that)

To lazy to make a better badge text but it works fine

He says something different now

Now you don't mock me...

It's gone (again this was only because I had no tree sprite and I needed to give a visual)

No videos yet

Compiling to a JAR won't load any files (This is actually reading from the jar's filepath)
The main bugs can be found in the download

Hansiec -- Complete scripting of the WHOLE system (excluding that from what is included with java)
Who ever ripped the graphics from pokemon g/s to Pokemon: Metallic Silver (includes the sprites) and a very little amount of referencing (mainly for the JFrame)
Completely programmed with: Eclipse

Current release: Version 1.0
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