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Don’t you just hate it when a story immediately just throws the main character into action at the start of a book? Sorry, but that’s what happened here. I couldn’t find a better way to start a book of events that happen to you. What, you want a “Hey mom, I’m off to school!” full documentation of everything that happened at school? I’m not very good at that kind of stuff. I’m pretty sure 10th grade Geometry isn’t very fun. Anyway, I woke up in a big glass dome. ? Is all I could think. I looked around. The dome was surrounded by a big grassy meadow, so this wasn’t a test site for studying how teenagers react when they are kidnapped. Unless there were hidden cameras. That would just be creepy. Anyway, the dome had cotton plates around it, 5 in total. I was on one of them. Does that mean there were gonna be more confused people coming? Hmm. I suddenly heard a noise and a plate appeared on the ground behind me. On the blue plate was a blue berry. It looked like the one I found at lunch today. I started to think of how they got the berry, when it hit me……..
Just kidding. It hit me that someone was watching me with extreme interest when I ate it. And I’m pretty sure the face of that person is the last thing I saw when I blacked out. Ok, now things are just getting ridiculous (boy that was just the beginning). Who stalks someone, knocks them out, and then sends them into some random dome? Well, I WAS pretty hungry, so I picked it up and ate it. Then the persons face flashed in my mind again. Then I heard an ominous voice saying “SUCKA!”
Too Late
I was already sent into a sudden seizure and I “Yellowed” out. Normally I’d say blacked out but I saw yellow as I drifted into dreamworld.
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