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@dcjboi: If you give my most recent post as Lucy a brief look, specifically at the part where I describe Oreburgh, you'll get a good idea of what to expect from Veilstone. Litter/debris all over the place. Supernatural feelings of eeriness. Only, y'know, tailored for that particular city, which I gave before. :P But yeah! Knock yourself out.

Veilstone is a ghost town. The department store is a heap of rubble, and the warehouse area has suffered approximately 50% destruction. 50% of the rest of the town has suffered major structural damage but has not collapsed in any significant way. You could find a small amount of supplies if you're lucky, but the town has been mostly ransacked of useful things. Team Galactic's HQ stands strong however, and may contain interesting lore considering it's former occupants.

All ghost towns are very eerie, containing evidence of past residences, such as furniture, an unkempt bed, dolls, silverware. Other things like that. Veilstone is no exception. You may even find forgotten clothes, though these are considered to be of at least some value.
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