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The last 10 visitors...
  1. CycloneGU+
  2. Daniel Evans+
  3. Element0+
  4. gam3r!
  5. Gerokunz+
  6. Kanto_Johto+
  7. MidnightShine+
  8. Requility+
  9. Rodriguezjames55+
  10. Sakura Rain+
  1. Called me "Julian" lol
  2. One of my fave Pinoy spriters!
  3. Birthday buddy
  4. Random stalker
  5. Hi George!
  6. I think I know you...
  7. Working on a new signature
  8. Oh look, it's Nica!
  9. Hello James
  10. What's she doing here?

Again, all regular members except Nica. Also, first time Diablo hasn't visited outside of the rare occasion.
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